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INGENIOUS medical GmbH, a family owned and operated business, having its seats in the southern part of Germany in Freiburg and being involved in developing and marketing high quality of endoscopic towers in addition to full range for surgical instruments for Laparoscopy, urology and gynecology in addition to surgical staplers.


Löwenstein Medical is dedicated to the development, production and sales of medical devices and workstations for anaesthesia, neonatology, paediatrics, intensive care ventilation and home care.
Innovative technology, ergonomic design and creative user interfaces distinguish our high-end-systems and permit optimal support to the clinical user in every situation. Our strategy constantly seeks the benefit - for medicines, clinical users and patients. Since 2013 Löwenstein Medical Technology has been part in the Löwenstein Group .  The development, production and marketing of diagnostic and therapeutic solutions for sleep medicine and homecare ventilation are among the core competencies of the firm. The success of products "Made in Germany" is based on good ideas, years of experience, foresight and innovations.



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Cardiology & Cardiac surgery