Al Mazroui Medical & Chemical Supplies believes that our obligation doesn't end in the healthcare industry only, throughout the years of continuous research and development of our products and services,  Al Mazroui open its door to propagate the importance of  Educational Sector. Thus, in 1985, the EDUCATIONAL UNIT was established with a goal of providing customers with the latest and most innovative educational systemS available in the market.

The Educational unit aims to improve the quality of services to educators and play a proactive role in pursuing the Educational Development not only in UAE, but to the rest of GCC countries.

Through the dedication, excellent service and quality of products from our business partners around the world, the Educational unit ensures to fulfill the requirements in the schools curriculum and the demands for effective demonstration and experimental practices. 


Product Range for Education includes:

  • General Scientific equipment 
  • Early learning educational material
  • Vocational education and technical equipment for technical institutes and universities
  • Healthcare educational manikins,simulators and anatomical models
  • IT based educational system including Smart Software and hardware solutions, Audio visual and interactive equipment
  • Sports educational equipment
  • Educational and laboratory furniture system
  • Robotic educational kit



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Product Range for Education includes:

General Scientific Equipment


Nasco believes that every learning environment is comprised of a diverse and unique set of subjects, classrooms, curriculum and basic needs, and we strive to provide real world solutions that enhance both the environment and the achievement. 

At Nasco we've built an assortment of products and resources that range from Science to STEAM, and Math to Art... covering everything from A to Z for the K-12 learning environments. 

With a carefully curated assortment of over 10,000 products, you are sure to be able to find what you need, backed by a brand with over 75 years of experience delivering value. 

Discover More with Nasco Education!

Nasco Healthcare:

We are dedicated to inspiring excellence in the training and development of healthcare professionals through innovative and affordable manikin and simulator solutions. As an ISO 9001 certified organization, we are committed to good quality practices that exceed the demanding requirements of our customers. From anatomically correct replicas to fully interactive manikin simulators, Nasco Healthcare has a proud history of providing relevant, high-quality products that inspire better training, better learning, and a higher level of satisfaction. We offer a broad selection from our own respected and recognized brands, Life/form® and Simulaids, as well as a full assortment of nationally known products and servicing



Early Learning Educational Material


Vocational Education & Technical Equipment For Technical Institute & Universities

Cool Tool



TheCoolTool® - state of the art, innovative and technical convincing small scale machinery.
The UNIMAT modular system can be converted into a wide range of different machines.

In STEM education UNIMAT allows for providing technical understanding with a practical orientation and fun.




Chester Machine Tools are specialist global suppliers of Conventional and CNC Machine Tools to education.

Chester Machine Tools have been supplying Schools, Colleges, Universities, Industry and Government Training Establishments globally for over 25 years. We are members of the British Educational Suppliers Association and are fully ISO and CE certified.

The education advisory staff at Chester can liaise with instructors to put forward a proposal to fulfil the varied STEM, Design & Technology and engineering research requirements of both tutors and students.

CHESTER provide a complete range of products with the latest technology including CNC Machining Centres and Lathes, Conventional Lathes and Milling Machines, CNC & Conventional Boring Machines, Grinding, Polishing & Linishing Machines, Shaping & Slotting Machines, Drilling Machines, Fabrication Equipment and a wide range of Workshop Equipment including Tooling / Accessories.


HealthCare Educational Manikins And Simulators

3B Scientific




The international group of companies 3B Scientific specializes in the manufacturing and marketing of didactic material for scientific, medical and patient education. The 3B Scientific® Product Line includes: Artificial skeletons, torsos and human organ models Teaching aids and systems from the fields of physics and technology Injection training arms, patient care mannequins & medical simulators Biology, zoology and chemistry models Anatomical charts and anatomical gift items, Anatomical teaching and learning software SEIRIN® and Moxa Acupuncture Needles Laser Pen, Laser Shower Kinesiology Tape & Acu Tape Therapy & Fitness products Massage & Treatment tables

Kyoto Kagaku




Products range : Imaging Phantoms for Ultrasound/ Radiology / Ultrasound o Radiology - Patient Simulators for Exam/Procedural Skills o Physical Examinations o Puncture and Injection Patient Simulators for Nurse Training o Nursing skills o Patient care


Laboratory Equipment (Physics, Chemistry, Biology And Geology Labs)





‘NTL‘ is an abbreviation for ‘Naturwissenschaftliche-Technische-Lehrmittel‘ (Scientific and Technical Teaching Aids).

Our group of companies develops, manufactures and markets high-quality experiment equipment and systems for

physics. The first NTL item was designed in 1985. This was the yellow ‘plug-in block’ on which the logo is based as well.

Our range for physics currently includes around 2300 items, some 1900 (82.6%) of which are internal developments

that arose in collaboration with experienced teachers.

The overall aim is to explain scientific laws and phenomena to all the students of this world by means of experiments. 

This goal can be achieved through:

• actual experiments – no simulations!

• that are easy to set up

• are fast to run

• and produce guaranteed results.

Books and teachers can impart theoretical knowledge.

Combining this with NTL experiment equipment makes it easier to apply this knowledge in practice.




Jeulin designs, manufactures and sells educational tools for the study of the experimental sciences (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) and Technology in primary, secondary and higher education. Pioneer in data logging system and sensors






Kubler Sport offers more than 6000 articles for professional sport in schools, clubs, fitness or therapy centers. The sport articles are especially made for institutional sport indoor and outdoor. Many of the articles are tested by the TÃœV and have the safety certification with the GS-sign. Professional competition equipment has the certification from the special sport associations like the FIFA, FIBA, FIG and more. For some articles we have our own patent Products includes balls , facility equipment, athletic and gymnastic , water sports , climbing...etc


TechSoft UK Ltd supply the latest CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design / Computer Aided Manufacture) systems to primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities. TechSoft’s own software 2D Design, 2D Primary and 2D PCB provides solutions for Computer Aided Design at all levels of education and beyond.  The majority of U.K. secondary schools (age 11-18), as well as many schools worldwide, use 2D Design as their main CAD/CAM system.  Linked with this, TechSoft also provide a comprehensive range of Computer Aided Manufacturing solutions from Knife Cutters and Laser Cutters to 3D Printers; CNC Embroidery to advanced Milling Machines, etc.  In addition, they design and deliver complete solutions for new or refurbished departments, providing a full range of equipment from Textiles Resources to Manual Workshop Machinery including bandsaws, circular saws, etc

EduScience is a UK based company, Belong to Irwin Science Education Grope one of the oldest established companies in the field of science education. Irwin was foremost in the development of the Nuffield Science Project acting as consultants to British Government to revolutionize science teaching across the world

EduScience UK


EduScience with Irwin’s heritage has always been about progressive design and development since the 1960s. And continues today offering curriculum development to Governments around the world and produces bespoke equipment to meet their specific needs. You can tap into this vast experience and knowledge.EduScience provide the highest quality and support service possible to meet today’s demands from science education.Design, bringing new equipment to school’s laboratoriesManufacture, state of the art manufacturingQuality and Safety, all products meet or exceed the all EU and international regulations on safety, quality and performance Curriculum Relevant, focused on products precisely matched to your curriculum requirements Technical Support, through advice, teacher and technician training and field support in your school.

Somso Modelle GmbH



The Original SOMSO® Models are mainly manufactured by hand, with a great degree of specialisation, and are exclusively made in our workshops in Coburg/Bavaria and in Sonneberg/Thuringia in Germany, where the family company (founded in 1876) is headquartered.

Craftsmanship perfects every model. SOMSO® models therefore have got the unique single piece character of a manufacture. That way their value exceeds that of a standard industrial product by far. SOMSO® Models owe their captivating "naturalness", which stands the test of both science and aesthetics, to this complex manufacturing process.

Our manufacturing programme includes anatomical, zoological, and botanical teaching models as well as medical training phantoms. Continuous new developments and the on-going support by renowned scientists and experts guarantee up-to-date, solid, and pedagogically well-founded imparting of knowledge. For more than 140 years, SOMSO® models have been respected and rated highly by critical experts as teaching materials, illustrative models, and media in education. This spurs us on and is equally a challenge to continue making a contribution in the service of science for the education and for many people's will to learn in future as well. "NATURE IS OUR MODEL" - this is the guiding idea for the realistic representation of nature as the prototype in order to be able to offer scientifically and aesthetically high-quality models from a holistic point of view for teaching. High quality is a matter of crucial importance to SOMSO. In detail, quality is measured by the material, the scientific accuracy, the painting, the functionality, and the durability.

Models that have passed this test are Original SOMSO® Models that are mainly made from the very durable SOMSO-Plast®. Subject to proper use, SOMSO give a full five-year warranty on service life and operational reliability of almost all SOMSO® Models, including comprehensive support for all SOMSO® Models in circulation, even beyond this warranty period.

The words SOMSO®, SOMSO-Plast® as well as the figurative mark of the SOMSO®-sun and the green base are nationally and internationally registered trademarks of company Marcus Sommer SOMSO Modelle GmbH. In addition to that, the more than 1,000 models from the areas of anatomy, zoology, and botany as well as the medical training phantoms are protected by copyright.



We manufacture training equipment related to factory automation systems. Pneumatics, hydraulics and mechatronics are our main fields of expertise, and we have many engineers with extensive skill in these areas.

For years we have provided our equipment to high schools, colleges, and vocational training institutes around the world. Here in Korea, well-known companies such as HYUNDAI, KIA, SAMSUNG and POSCO in addition to many technical high schools, use pneumatics and hydraulics textbooks written by our staff.

We will always try to tailor our equipment to meet our customer's needs. From basic designs to final products, we welcome customer ideas or suggestions.


Education Furniture




A2S Furnishing Systems is one of the leading school outfitters in Europe. For 80 years, A2S has been helping schools, pedagogues, and especially children to learn.  With our goal, that schools become an inspiring place in which both students and teachers are at ease, A2S Furnishing Systems has become “Der Bildungseinrichter” (The Learning Furnisher) who produces today at 3 locations with 800 employees.

A2S – Der Bildungseinrichter’ (The Learning Furnisher) is not just our slogan. It is our commitment to develop comprehensive learning concepts that transforms schools into a place everyone feels comfortable. Learning is an individual process which works best when students have the ability to co-author their own learning progress independently. Individual learning formats are becoming more popular. And they create ever-changing challenges to make it possible for every student to work in peace in their own way without losing sight of the overall picture. Today we support our clients from scratch starting with photorealistic room concepts. When we are designing the space, we focus especially on zoning and acoustics.

This is to ensure that classical lecture format, group work, partner work, but as well as silent work, retreat, and relaxation are possible in one and the same learning environment.

Over the years A2S Furnishing Systems has developed leading furniture solutions incl Pagholz, an almost indestructible natural sourced composite material. The Flex Series, a state of the art chair series with 3D spring mechanism for health movement. The patented floorsafe glides to reduce the risk of slipping. The brand new Combi Series, with acoustic dividers to create flexible zones which can change easily according to desired room function. Today we can support our clients with more than 6.000 furniture solutions for almost every area in schools & universities.




World Point

As an American Heart Association distributor, WorldPoint is a key resource connecting training centers and people around the world with materials, products and knowledge that help them achieve their goals. We deliver exceptional customer service and champion positive outcomes. This effort takes people working together as partners in saving lives.

We believe in the importance of quality CPR training products. Quality training brings our products, our knowledge and our customers together to improve patient outcomes and save lives.
We believe in the quality of the products we sell. We offer leading simulation & skill station trainers needed for advanced training.
We believe in the importance of quality of Trauma products to control bleeding and wound care


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