Founded in 1986 as an independent unit, the Engineering unit is the largest provider of high-tech medical equipment technology services in the UAE.

The Engineering unit's business philosophy stresses the commitment of providing high quality and timely service to meet client's specification and satisfaction. The team is dedicated to cost-effective improvement of patient's safety and hospital operations through the consulting services, training of medical maintenance engineer, planning, design and execution of medical equipment. The team is composed of well-trained Engineers and technicians with proven experience in handling X-ray units, Ultrasound, Monitoring System, Physiotherapy, Laboratories and Medical Gas System.


The range of Engineering covered includes:

  • Diagnostic Ultrasound
  • Dedicated MRI & Healthcare IT System
  • Digital Radiography & Fluoroscopy System
  • Bi-Plane Mobile Fluoroscopy System
  • Contrast Media Injection System



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Diagnostic Ultrasound, Dedicated Mri & Healthcare It System


The Esaote Group is one of the world's leading producers of diagnostic medical systems, including Ultrasound, dedicated musculoskeletal MRI and Healthcare IT Systems. Creativity, highly technological skills and a strong commitment to the medical and scientific community are key reasons we've gained leadership positions in Cardiovascular Care, Radiology, Women's Healthcare, Internal Medicine, Emergency Care, Intensive Care, Orthopedics, Rheumatology and Podiatry


Digital Radiography & Fluoroscopy System


The DMS Group specializes in high technology solutions that serve the need of the diagnostic medical imaging community. The Group, which includes the two companies, DMS and Apelem, is the French leader in the conception, manufacturing and distribution of imaging systems dedicated to conventional and digital radiology as well as to bone densitometry. With a strategy focused on technological innovation the Group offers a complete range of imaging systems to practitioners across the globe. The DMS Group is present on every continent thanks to joint ventures, subsidiaries and a network of more than 100 local distributors all of whom contribute to the international dimension of the quality of our products. Over 90% of the DMS Group's turnover is generated from the exportation market. The French territory is covered by a sales team and a network of distributors as well as an established technical network that offer personalized service on our systems


Bi-Plane Mobile Fluroscopy System

Swemac (fluoroscopy)

With swemac Bi Plane mobile Fluoroscopy systems you are ready to perform virtually any fluoroscopy examination. Our systems are suited for orthopedics, pain management, urology, vascular, gastro-intestinal, general radiographic work and 3D procedures. Whether your requirements are diagnostic or interventional, we are prepared to outfit your fluoroscopy room to suit your needs


Contrast Media Injection System

Medical imaging provides a window into the vast, mysterious terrain of the human body. It can reveal the health of a beating heart, detect a blockage within the body's 60,000 miles of vessels and arteries, and illuminate a single nerve. Imaging shows us possibilities. It is what allows us to pinpoint, diagnose and treat. MEDRAD is a market leader in computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and interventional cardiology. Every day, MEDRAD products help to reveal possibilities for thousands of physicians and their patients. Our performance is a result of unrelenting commitment to improving healthcare, to upholding standards of excellence, and to responsible activities for the benefit of our customers, shareholders, employees, and communities. Our promise to deliver unequaled reliability and trust in our products, people, and services can be summed up in a simple, yet powerful phrase- Performance for life. MEDRAD, Inc. develops, markets and services medical devices used to diagnose and treat disease. Its product offerings include fluid injection systems for radiology and cardiology, endovascular devices for the safe treatment of cardiovascular disease, magnetic resonance-compatible accessories and equipment services. The company's world headquarters is near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the United States. MEDRAD is a business of Bayer Medical Care

Self Contained Irradiators and External Beam Teletherapy Machines. There are several models of self contained irradiators, each used for different applications and available in a variety of source configurations based on product throughput requirements. These include the Gammacell® 1000 & 3000, Gammacell® 40, Gammabeam® X200 and the Raycell® Mk2 device


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Founded in 1986 as an independent department, the Engineering...