Our newly established Business Unit offers:

  • High Quality Products
  • Efficiency savings for Hospital

Our Dialysis Business Unit, provides innovative products and equipment, including machines, dialysers and all the required consumables for kidney patients in hospital, and dialysis clinics.

Our Dialysis Business Unit, aims to provide a range of treatment options for patients with chronic and acute renal failure, complementing our leadership in dialysis technology and renal services. Our Dialysis portfolio expands the role of Al Mazroui Medical and Chemical Supplies as a fully integrated renal care provider. The initial portfolio of dialysis-related products includes machines and consumables. 

As an integrated company we are in the unique position of being able to offer products, services and support along the entire dialysis chain. This has enabled us to help deliver efficiency savings for hospitals. We feel proud and privileged to be able to use the experience we gain through our vertical integration, to continuously improve what we do and deliver improved health outcomes at every therapy stage.

Product range for Dialysis includes:

Haemodialysis Machines
  •    Blood Purification Device
  •    Haemodialysis Equipment & Accessories /   Disposables

Haemodialysis Consumables

  •   Purification / Dialysers
  •   Blood Lines
  •   AV Fistula Needles
  •   Bicarb Cartridge
  •   Acidic Bicarb Haemodialysis Solutions



For any inquiries, please send it to: almaz@almaz.net.ae



Nikkiso manufacture and sell hemodialysis machines, dialyzers, blood tubing sets, blood glucose controller, and power of dialysate for hemodialysis treament.

Pumps & Systems

  • Manufacture and sales of fluid equipment for process industries
  • Manufacture and sales of water conditioning system for thermal and nuclear power plants

Precision Equipment

  • Manufacture and sales of particle characterization instruments
  • Manufacture and sales of multi-layer ceramic electronic component production equipment and system




FARMASOL Medical Products Ind. and Trd. Co., produce bicarbonate hemodialysis solutions with the brand, DIASOL, and disinfectants with the brand, DIADEZ.Besides production of hemodialysis solutions, FARMASOL started to sell DICEA, a semisynthetic dialyzer, and XENIUM, a synthetics dialyzer, by a contract done with Eczacıbaşı-Baxter.







Short Description: 

Our Dialysis Business Unit, provides innovative products and equipment, including machines, dialysers...