The Laboratory Unit provides a state-of-the-art equipment and services in UAE. It aims to be the industry's leader and provider of world class laboratory equipment.

The Central Warehouse and Showroom serves as the leading stockiest in UAE for chemicals and general laboratory requirement in the country.


Product range for Laboratory includes:

  • Histopathology, Cytology & IHC
  • Histopatholoy​
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • ​Biochemistry
  • Hematology
  • Microbiology
  • Nuclear medicine
  • Blood blanks
  • Analytical equipment
  • General laboratory products (chemicals, glassware, ovens, water baths, etc.)
  • Laboratory furniture and furnishing the general science, physics and chemistry laboratories
  • Invitro Fertilization (IVF)
  • Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)


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Thermo Fischer Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific (Shandon, Orion, REVCO, LABSYSTEM, Barnstead, TKA) provides comprehensive Solutions for Anatomical pathology Lab for Histopathology, Cytology and IHC line. Water Analysis ideal for a variety of pH measurements- water, media, beverage,process water. Blood Bank Refrigerator for Unrivalled cold storage protection for valuable samples and materials. MicroBiology, Serology Filter-based microplate photometer for research and routine applications and manual pipefitting. Complete line of water purification technologies includes solutions for your most critical and every day application needs from electrode ionization to reverse osmosis to distillation for general LAB and Water Purification System that provides general laboratory grade purified water




Qiagen is the leading global provider of Sample & Assay Technologies that are used to transform biological materials into valuable molecular information that offers a broad range of more than 500 core products to meet the special requirements. It has also developed complete instrument solutions to enable full automation of laboratory procedures, from the initial sample to the final result

Kuhner shaker

Kuhner AG is the leading developer and manufacturer of shaking machines for the international market. From bench top shakers to large scale industrial shakers, Kuhner offers machines of the highest quality. The «Kuhner shaker» name stands for functionality, reliability and durability. Kuhner designs and builds many components in-house and guarantees them for 5 years.Kuhner fosters close contact with research and development departments in notable universities and companies. We offer a personal service for customers, including product information, support and on-site visits.



InterLabService Ltd. is one of the most experienced molecular diagnostics suppliers. InterLabService company supplies high-quality and professional solutions for infectious disease diagnostics and GMO testing. ILS is anexclusive distributor for AmpliSens® reagents and supplies its products to customers in Russia and worldwide.Each product is supported by professional staff. The principal product distributed by InterLabService is AmpliSens® PCR kits that are developed and manufactured by the Central Research Institute for Epidemiology.




All Lab application, Oven , Water Bath and Incubator


Memmert develops and manufactures laboratory appliances with more than 240 employees at two locations in Germany. The product range includes universal ovens, incubators, sterilisers, vacuum ovens, Peltier-cooled incubators, CO2 incubators, humidity chambers, constant climate chambers, climatic test chambers, temperature test chambers and waterbaths as well as oil baths. The appliances are used in various fields of applications, including biological, chemical and food research, industrial material and component inspection, human and veterinary medicine as well as wide-ranging quality tests in sophisticated production processes




Sigma offers solutions for the efficient separation of components with different density in a liquid by centrifugation, and is one of the leading manufacturers of laboratory centrifuges.Products are used in a broad spectrum of applications - ranging from biotechnology, life-science, medical diagnostics and pharmacological technology to chemical industry, crude oil analysis, and water management- in both research and production.Also offers innovative special solutions, in particular application specific accessories



Astell Scientific

Astell Scientific  is the leading manufacturer and supplier of laboratory, pharmaceutical & hospital autoclaves and sterilizers. Astell Scientific also offers high quality products manufactured in the UK. Also designed to meet the exacting demands of the modern Laboratory, Pharmaceutical and Medical professionals. All Astell Scientific autoclaves, Steam Generators and Effluent Decontamination systems (EDS) incorporate the latest innovations in control system technology, providing colour touch screen controllers, on screen tutorial, 5 password levels, multiple cycle programming, secure data archiving, and delayed start facility all included as standard throughout the range


IVF Laser System Manipulator

Research Instruments

Research Instruments is specialized in leading edge technology and medical devices for the fertility field, RI has quickly become the company of choice when looking for the latest in biomedical technology with the product line availability of RI consumable range that gives unparalleled quality, RI hardware products providing unique benefits to the medical professional, RI Witnes with the most useful, simple, indispensable ART management system in the world of bio-medical technology, and products for environmental control to the IVF market with RI's range of instruments that have been selected to help you analyze and control your laboratory conditions



Laboratory Software


  ICD Gmbh is  Service-oriented company focuses on consulting services and software development in the field of technical-scientific data handling and management 


Virion\Serion is a company that has now been established for 40 years and specializes in the development, production and marketing of in vitro diagnostics for infectious diseases. Based on our extensive expertise in manufacturing of high quality antigens, Virion\Serion has also become a major supplier of raw materials to the diagnostic industry. In order to focus on these core competences, two divisions have been created: SERION Diagnostics and SERION Immunologics.

SERION Diagnostics represents all IVD-related activities such as the development, production and distribution of various test systems (SERION ELISA classic, SERION ELISA antigen, SERION CFT), automated solutions and software tools.   

SERION Immunologics is well recognized as a supplier of more than 80 different native and recombinant antigens as well as disease state sera, monoclonal antibodies, other raw materials such as BSA and customized services.

The new corporate design visualizes the umbrella brand Virion\Serion as well as both divisions in a clear and straightforward way and represents our modern business culture.



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With the aim to be the industry's leader and provider of world class...